Getting Organized in the New Year

Getting Organized in the New Year
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The start of the New Year is a great time to get organized and declutter. In fact, the National Association of Productivity and Organizing Professionals (NAPO) has coined January as “Get Organized Month or GO Month.” The recognition was established to promote the benefits of getting organized. 

Although getting organized can be a difficult task because it requires forethought, planning and time management, the benefits of being organized are immense.  Studies show that being organized optimizes one’s productivity, which in turn reduces people's level of stress and allows them to enjoy more free time, lead a healthier lifestyle and save money. Other benefits include feeling more focused when doing work and having a higher sense of self-esteem. Decluttering one’s living space and life also can allow one to feel more competent and prideful. 

Some easy ways to getting organized in the New Year are:

  • Create a time table. Set aside time for work, chores and fun activities.
  • Get rid of clutter. Start small. Start by organizing your desk space. Then move onto other areas in the home, such as categorizing your child’s room/personal space. Put toys, puzzles, etc., into different storage bins or compartments.
  • Sort your digital files.
  • Clean your refrigerator. Throw out expired items.
  • Donate what you don’t wear or have not used in a very long time.

As stated before, getting organized and decluttering can be challenging. To start, ask yourself what you want to declutter and how you want things to be different. Set a decluttering goal. It is important to keep in mind that decluttering is about keeping what is important to you and adding value to your life in some way and getting rid of the excess. In the words of organization expert, Marie Kondo, “To truly cherish the things that are important to you, you must first discard those that have outlived their purpose. To throw away what you no longer need is neither wasteful nor shameful."


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